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"..Thelonious Monk International Jazz Composers Competition winner, Jim Robitaille, led the Monk Institute student band in an impressive performance of his award winning composition."
- Jazz Times Magazine

"..Jim Robitaille Group's debut To Music has its own identity."
- Jazz Improv Magazine

"..Jim's work on this recording demonstrates once again why he is so respected by his peers. He always plays musically and straight from the heart. He Is a true musician."
- Charlie Banacos

"..Robitaille is obviously his own man, a front runner for debut of the year."
- Jazz views. UK

"..Jim Robitaille makes an impressive recording debut ."
- The Daily Ipirotikos Agon and the Apopsy, Greece

".."To Music will be a pleasant surprise to those guitarists searching for a new influence beyond, say, Metheny, Abercrombie, and Scofield." - Drums Etc, Quebec, Canada

"..All these tunes are cutting-edge hip arrangements."
- Escambia Sun Press, Pensacola

"..Robitaille's guitar, drifts between a tight groove mode and a freer flexible flow as well as anybody out there."
-All About Jazz

"..The melodies on "To Music" are memorable and soulful. I enjoyed this recording alot."
- Dave Liebman

NEW RECORDINGS! Look out for two new recordings in 2019. The Jim Robitaille Group, "A View From Within" featuring Dave Liebman, Tony Marino, and Alex Ritz on Whaling City Sound, and an exciting duo project with drummer percussionist Chris Poudrier.