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New Album on Dot Time Records 

Parallel East Mantra 
Jim Robitaille - Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Guitar Loops, Psychoacoustic Instruments
Chris Poudrier - Drums, Percussion, Marimba, Keyboard Loops

"From start to finish, this debut offering from the dynamic duo of Parallel East is brimming with energy and ideas and bristling with a renegade spirit of discovery. — Bill Milkowski

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A View From Within 

  Jim Robitaille - Guitar & Nylon String Guitar
Dave Liebman - Soprano & Tenor Saxophone
Tony Marino - Bass
Alex Ritz - Drums
Listen to A View From Within

  "There are really beautiful songs that are extremely lyrical and convey a sense of delicacy, grace and intimacy that bring out something different, certainly for myself. I am thrilled at the way these ballads came off:  They are truly beautiful pieces interpretation-wise and it goes without saying that the improvisations are on a very high level as well. This is pure, unfettered music featuring an abundant sense of lyricism that goes deep.
Something I learned from Miles...if you got it, flaunt it!! Jim definitely had a vision and got it right.Dave Liebman